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Step 1 – Resetting

# Connect the power cord
# Unplug ALL Ethernet connections
# Hold down the reset button for at least 15 seconds

Step 2 – Cable Setup

* Connect your computer (PC or MAC) to any one of the LAN ports, only
DO NOT connect the wall port to any port on the Router yet!
DO NOT use the WAN port

Step 3 – Accessing Router

# Open Internet Explorer (with the computer connected to the Router)
# Enter into the Address Bar, push Enter
# Leave the User Name field blank
# Under the password field enter “admin”
# Click “OK”

Step 4 – Default Screen

Step 5 – Configure Wireless SSID

*If your Router does not have Wireless Capability, or you do not wish to configure wireless security, please skip this step

# Click “Wireless”
# Click “Basic Wireless Settings”
# Enter a desired name into the “Wireless Network Name (SSID)” field
# Write down your Wireless Network SSID, it will be used for later.
# Click “Save Settings”

Step 6 – Configure Wireless WEP or WPA Security Key

You must secure your wireless network, failure to do so may result in disconnection by ResNet. We recommend that you use WPA instead of WEP.

For WPA (recommended)

* Click “Wireless”
* Click “Wireless Security”
* Select “WPA Pre-Shared Key” in the “Security Mode” field
* Set the "WPA algorithm" to "TKIP"
* Type in your WPA Shared Key. It should be between 8 and 32 characters- the longer the better. Make sure it is something you can remember but that is hard to guess. You may want to write it down, temporarily, so that you can remember it for when you configure your computer to connect to the now-secure access point.
* Click “Save Settings”

For WEP:

* Click “Wireless”
* Click “Wireless Security”
* Select “WEP” in the “Security Mode” field
* Bubble “1” under the “Default Transmit Key” field
* Select “128 bits 26 hex digits”
* Enter a desired passphrase into the “Passphrase” field
* Click “Generate”
* Carefully write down the code generated in the “Key 1” field on paper, and store it in a safe place. THIS IS YOUR WEP KEY, it will be needed later on.
* Click “Save Settings”

Step 7 – Disable DHCP

**Failure properly complete this step may result in suspension of internet service

* Click “Setup”
* Click “Basic Setup”
* Bubble in “DISABLE” under “DHCP Server”
* Click “Save Settings”

Step 8 – Final Cable Setup

* Connect your computer (PC or MAC) to any one of the LAN ports, only
* Connect the wall port to a LAN port on your Router


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