2wire gateway modem routers with other wireless routers

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2wire gateway modem routers with other wireless routers

Post by Admin on Wed Aug 05, 2009 10:52 am

To be able to use your other routers, you just need to bridge the HomePortal. After doing this, you will need to configure your other router to do the ISP connection. Also, BE SURE to read the information on the Configure Services page -- you may even want to copy it to a text file for possible future use. Here's instructions on how to turn off routing:

Go to http://gateway.2wire.net/management
* Click on Configure Under Broadband link
* Put dot in Disable PVC Search
* Set VPI to 0 and VCI to 35 (depends on service provider may be 8/35, 5/32, etc).
* Connection Type should say Direct IP
* Click Submit
* Click on Configure Services
* Uncheck Enable Routing
* Click Submit


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